GeniusLab – Cloud ERP

Do you have a business? Make it simple!

The Management suite to manage the company’s activities in a simple and intuitive way, saving time and money

With GeniusLab you can exchange information with your employees and colleagues, share files and images and link them to your documents (quotes, orders and invoices).Lets you manage your phonebook client/supplier and have it always available, even on your Android phone. All information will be at your fingertips wherever you are.
With GeniusLab you can also save money in managing your store, without having the need to buy expensive equipment for labeling, to manage the articles and their inventory.

Time saver

GeniusLab saves time in managerial activities as billing, document management, resource management, inventory management, data management, crm and profiling of contacts, Exchange data between locations.

Ubiquity of service

GeniusLab architecture allows you to remotely access and multiple locations to services (web or otherwise) with maximum flexibility on client systems used.

Cost reduction

GeniusLab makes possible the reduction or elimination of infrastructure costs because all software suite can be configured on a server owner  or cloud Synaptica systems guaranteed.

Information integration

The centralization of information of your company makes it possible for all GeniusLab tool the use of associated content totally shared mode allowing to manage production and management processes transversally with respect to different software used.

Data security

With GeniusLab you can create a channel of communication and secure data exchange between your offices and/or from your accountant that saves time and reduce the incidence of human error.

Maximum flexibility

All software that make up the suite are modular, switchable and configurable independently. In addition, the architecture facilitates the development of customizations in order to respond to particular needs.

GeniusLab is a very flexible set of instruments in continuous evolution that can be easily integrated into your company and with what already use, the concept of this system is radically different from the “usual” management.

These are the modules that make up the suite GeniusLab:

BusinessLabthe management module
BusinessLab Mobile /Android app for company management on smartphone and tablet
TeamLabthe web module project and resource management
ImportLab /document management with automated capture process.

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