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The first system of electronic notice boards on Android

Are you a retailer and want to expose the catalogue of the offers in shop?
Are you a company holder  and want communicate with your staff in your offices?
Do you prepare stand and advertising campaign using screen and electronic showcases?
Do you menage a condominium and want make notice economic and timely?
Do you need of notice board for publish notice and images?

Etabula change any Android device in a notice board.
From the site of Etabula you can publish notice on all your notice boards in one click!

You can set up your tablet Android as you want with Android App Etabula – available as a free download from Google Play – which, installed on tablet, download every day independently by WiFi or a sim data 3G  notices updates  to display.
The devices will show notices in rotation and  it’s possible to upload text notices or in image format.

The menagement of notice boards from Etabula’s site is so easy and allows,in addition to publication of notices, also the change of ownership as for example the information to be displayed in the bottom of  display or login credentials for download of the new notice,up to update remotely Android App version installed.

Because it can be installed easily and is ready in one click. You just need a browser to manage it.Flexible
You can use it with all Android devices, Android smartphone, tablet or PC connected to screens and TV with HDMI.Low-cost
Etabula optimize communications and notices management costs.
One browser, one or more Android device and you are ready!


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