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Delphi NetHttpClient Basic Auth

First method:

  Second one:

  PreemptiveAuthentication: Generally, when the server receives the request, it replies that it needs a user and password to access it, so your basic authentication works. There are cases in which the server is configured to accept only calls that in the first instance send the authentication data.…
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Embarcadero – IBTogo License Registration

If you purchased an IBTogo License, to use it inside you program you need to do : On Android / IOS : go to: Insert your license code and serial and you can get reg_ibtogo.txt, after that you put this file in deployment of your project and the destiniation dir need to be /

Delphi Linux getting MacAddress

In linux every adapter configuration has a file system path, for example the adapter eth0 has all configuration, in some text files located in “/sys/class/net/eth0/”. The file whose name is “address” contains a single line with the mac adrress value.



In Synaptica, sustainability and low environmental impact are fundamental values ​​shared naturally by all of us. The passion for nature, animals and the environment have always led us to keep an eye on the environment. This vision also led us to make initially more difficult choices (usually as an initial investment) but which turned out…
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old style delphi records really helpfull to manage serial protocols

      thank’s to my self obviusly

Delphi Tips…. string to stream

Manage a System.string as buffer to copy content of string into a generic TStream: