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Interbase 2019

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Interbase 2019

In this August Embarcadero announces the new version of the well-known Interbase report database: Interbase 2019.

Interbase is widely used by Delphi developers since in the multi-platform environment (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OSX, Linux) I believe it is the only relational database that can be distributed even on iOS / Android platforms, the inter-base versions for mobile distribution. are IBLite and IBTogo.

This new version compared to the previous one (Interbase 2017) introduces support for new hardware platforms (Android 64Bit and Mac OS 64Bit, first supported exclusively the 32Bit versions for the two environments), but the most important innovation is the introduction of TableSpaces technology (something very consolidated in the Oracle world).

The introduction of TableSpaces offers great advantages in the field of very large databases (being able to divide the tables of a single database into different table spaces on different disks) and at the level of performance (considering being able to read tables different from different disks)