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Delphi – Indy idTCPServer and idTCPClient

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Delphi – Indy idTCPServer and idTCPClient

This is a simple example for usign Nevrona Indy components in Delphi to create a small server application using TCP/IP protocol. TO simplify we can build an example where there is a Server Application that recive a string from a Client App. and then return that string to the Client , but we use streams to do that because the example can be reused to trasmit anithing else via stream.
In this example we use the TStringStream class that have TStream as ancestor and is very simple to use with strings.

Start with Delphi and create a simple form application , now we drag the TidTCPServer component on the main form , now we need to decide wich free TCP port for this service , in this app we use 9099 port. , here the simple source of Server App.:

The Client application is simple too, we create another app with delphi and drag the TidTCPClient specifing the same TCP port of the server and the addrres of the server :

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